Creating your unique ceremony



I work with you to bring to life your vision of what your ceremony should be. Whatever level of formality or spirituality, I lovingly craft a customized ceremony just for you. By creating a completely unique ceremony that reflects the true love story and authentic values of each couple, I know that I am giving them and their community a gift that will resonate forever. What could be better than that?




We start with me asking many questions: about how you met, what you mean to one another, what you love about one another, what you look forward to, what role your families and friends have played in your relationship. We get to know each other, and along the way I learn what part - if any - you want your faith, ethnic traditions or any other beliefs to play in the ceremony. And of course I am happy to work with those couples looking for an "elopement" style service! 


We talk about what symbols or actual items are important to you as individuals or as a couple.
I may respectfully recommend readings and rituals that take advantage of all I’ve learned as an Interspiritual Minister and Life-Cycle Celebrant in my study of liturgy, rites of passage and ceremony. Then I create a ceremony, tapping into my decades as a writer and master of narrative.



When you engage me to create and perform your wedding ceremony I take care of all the details and walk you through every step. Of course, you are involved in the process, and always have input and editing rights. And you will always have access to me with any questions or concerns along the way. You get unlimited phone and e mail contact as you need - I have a reputation for accessibility!

If needed, I will make sure that your rehearsal runs smoothly, and always coordinate with facility management, your photographer and musicians or DJ.


It’s my mission to make sure that on the wedding day you won’t have to think twice about your ceremony.