Ring, Candle, & Knot


The Ring is the symbol of the union of hearts, of never-ending Love, a Love that only ends when the circle ends. Historically circles symbolize eternity, with no beginning and no end. But the ‘hole’ in the middle is also important: it isn’t simply space to be filled, but a doorway that leads to the future, to things both known and unknown. Giving a ring signifies never-ending, eternal Love.


The Candle reminds us how sacred marriage is, and recalls the light that Love brings into the world and the enlightening awareness of ourselves that we gain from an intimate, committed relationship, while the flame’s heat calls to mind the tremendous gift of warmth that exists between two people who have open hearts for one another.


The Knot represents the binding together of two hearts, two lives, two souls, two families, two tribes, and the powerful dynamic we experience because two together are so much stronger and more enduring than one strand alone.