Your belief, your spirituality, is personal to you. As an Interspiritual  Minister I believe that each human is on a journey of her or his own, in relationship with whatever expression of the Divine that you may have – or not have. My business and privilege is to honor, respect and celebrate your coming together with another person on their journey.


Whatever your faith tradition or beliefs, I will craft a personalized, unique ceremony for you that reflects where you come from - and who you are!  




Having been a Gay and Gender Rights ally/activist for three decades, and more recently a clergy advocate for Marriage Equality in New Jersey, it is a special honor for me to create a ceremony for those who have been too long denied the rights and privileges of other couples. This is a Civil Rights issue, and I will continue to work with my colleagues until that glad day when all states wake up and do the right thing.  In the meantime - let me create a unique, personalized and memorable ceremony for you!

Who you are